Conditions of business of the Campingplatz Arlberg Gmbh. basis 2017

4Arrival and departure: Departure must be prior to 12,00 noon. Arrival time from 15 noon onwards, (in case of early arrival or late departure we will charge a full day). We will charge for the fully booked time and there are no exceptions.

Late arrival: For late arrivals we can offer you a special "night spot" outside the gate with your own power connection.

Following rules for your own individual private bathroom hut have to be accepted: Each place has its own private bathroom hut directly on the spot which will be handed over cleaned upon your arrival. Every guest has to keep the bathroom hut tidy or if requested we can clean it for a fee. Please only use non-scratching cleaning detergent. Damages and all power consumptions including lighting and heating will be charged separately. Every bathroom has a frost controller and please don’t take out any fuses by yourself (danger of freezing). They are checked by a central controlling system. Please ventilate the bathroom after showering (open the window).

Not permitted in the private bathroom huts: No smoking, cooking or sleeping, no animals allowed inside, waxing of your skies, no cleaning of any objects, no rubbish in the toilets (also no food waste – clogging danger), no drying of tents, no storage room for skies, bikes, etc. In case of non-observance we have to provide you with an invoice for the whole damage.

Around the campsite: Please abide by the times of rest (10pm to 8am), the speed limits of 5 km/h, anti-slide protections have to be taken off your shoes before entering the amenities. Dogs have to be kept on a leash and must not be allowed to foul within the boundaries of the campsite. You will also find a shower with dry blower for dogs. Please take care of the strict division of your rubbish and split it into the special containers provided.

Campsite quiet period from 10pm to 8am.

Payment: Cash payment, We do also do  accept credit -and ec cards.

Conditions of cancellation:


30 days before arrival will incur no cancellation expenses. In case of a late arrival or an early departure, we will charge for the fully booked time within the 30 days. This is 100 % of the agreed arrangement including all persons.  We will also charge the full price in the event that people do not arrive at all for the reserved time. We recommend that clients take out adequate insurance to cover all eventualities.

Reservations: must be received in writing.

Summer time

From time to time it is necessary to mow the lawn, so we apologize for any inconveniences due to noise at these times. Open fires are not permitted. For your laundry please use your individual bathroom hut. Please take care of our trees and bushes.

Winter time

Snow clearing and gritting services: The access road to the campsite and all other paths will be cleared from snow and gritted in case of icy roads between 8am and 6pm. Please pay attention on slippery paths because it is not possible to clear from snow and grit at the same time. At your arrival your camping place will be cleared for you but during your stay you have to clear your spot yourself. Gritting material will be available for free.

Weather and snow reports – all information of this nature, as well as about the village can be accessed at the homepage


The health and spa centre Arlberg-Stanzertal is our partner but run by the local council of Pettneu.

Place of business and legal venue: Place of business is where the campsite is situated. Further litigations resolving out of the business connections will be taken to the court of competent jurisdiction in Landeck (Bezirkshauptmannschaft Landeck).

We retain the right to alter charges (e.g. electricity) in line with prevailing economic conditions. We accept no responsibility for printing errors. With this publishing all conditions before are unvalid.
With publication of a new pricelist all previous ones loses validity automatically.

We are grateful for all our guests to abide by the camping rules and to be helpful and accommodating towards all other visitors, 

For further ideas and suggestions please feel free to contact our reception or head office at any time.

Yours truly,
Family Haslwanter

Basis 2017