Package-deals winter + summer

Arlberg Offer Weeks

Valid during the following periods:

                              November   -   19.12.2020

                                                                                            10.01.2021  -  31.01.2021

                                                                                            14.03.2021   -  28.03.2021 

                                                                                            10.04.2021  till end of season 18.04.2021

"Arlberg"                                          €  39,00

"Valluga"                                          €  42,00                

incl. pitch and 2 persons per day

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offer-weeks summer 2020

valid during the following periods:

13.6.2020 - 4.7.2020

29.8.2020 - 4.10.2020

»Arlberg« Comfort pitch
€ 27.- per day

»Valluga« Comfort pitch
€ 30.- per day

During the period stated our offer includes all the services listed below plus any additional costs as per the price list, irrespective of the duration of your stay.

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General information

All prices are in EURO!

On the day you are due to depart and depending on availability, you may park your motorhome or your caravan for a fee of € 10.- on our motorhome pitches or at the Comfort pitch with bath-house up until 6 p.m., with fees charged according to the number of people.

Included in the prices:

  • Pitch with 1 caravan and 1 car or 1 mobile, each with awning
  • Use of your own bath-house
  • Electricity, satellite-TV, radio connection facilities
  • We do not charge specific connection fees!
  • free WIFI on each pitch

Not included:

  • Energy use
  • Tourist taxes
  • Final cleaning
  • Other fees as per the price lists, e.g. children, dog (s), additional people

Seasonal pitches (»Arlberg« available only):

  • Pitch for 1 caravan and 1 car or 1 motorhome, each with awning
  • Packages apply to a Comfort pitch, maximum 50 nights for one family (4 people) with their own, unmarried children
  • All guests are requested to sign-in and out upon arrival and departure. Additional days for friends and relatives are charged at the standard rate.
  • Use of your own private bath-house
  • Electricity connections, satellite TV, radio,
  • We do not charge specific connection fees!
  • Energy is charged per use and on a monthly basis and also covers any period when you are not on your pitch

Private bath-houses are available to use under the following conditions:

Each pitch has its own private bath-house directly on the site, which will be clean upon your arrival. The bath-house is to be kept clean by the guest for the duration of their stay. On request we can also clean the area during your stay for a fee. Any cleaning is to be done using non-scratch and non-caustic materials only. There will be a charge for any damages, energy used for the electricity point, the private bath-house, electric boiler and electric heating. A thermostat is installed in every bath-house. Fuses are not to be switched off (frost risk), controls are central, please ventilate the area well after showering and open the window. No equipment is to be connected in the bath-houses, for instance washing machines, driers etc. Any manipulation of installed appliances is prohibited. Heating must always be switched on between ½ and 1.

Not permitted in private bath-houses:
Smoking, cooking, staying the night, taking in or cleaning pets, waxing skis, cleaning various objects, disposing or rubbish in the toilet (nor of food remnants – risk of blockage), drying tents etc. We provide a bath-house for you to use – however it is not a storage area for sundry items. In the event of non-compliance, we will charge for the full restoration cost! Statutory terms of the Tyrol camp site legislation are to be adhered to.