The holiday region of St. Anton am Arlberg

The origins of the Arlberg

Arl – mentioned in a document dating from 1218 a being a forested area worthy of note, spanning the Arl area, where there were lots of ‘Arl’ bushes – which is what mountain pine are called here.

Berg –defines a mountain crossing – the most efficient way to cross the pass and the areas on either side.

Arlberg today

Panorama, pistes and slopes right on the doorstep...

Arlberg offers a perfect combination of a superb natural idyll, vibrant lifestyle and sporting challenges. A superb mountain landscape and a really fantastic atmosphere on the wonderful pistes for deep snow skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing or for a walk.

The hospitality of the locals. A chic, dependable place meeting the most fastidious requirements, which bestows luxurious experiences to a holiday in Arlberg.

Traditional and cosmopolitan, idyllic tranquillity and vibrant lifestyle, sporty adventure and cosiness - ARLBERG BEAMS AND WE CAN ALL ENJOY IT!

Welcome to Stanzertal – so charming and traditional

Nestling in the Lechtal Alps and the Verwall group, Stanzertal extends east from Arlberg to Landeck. A contemplative and also a sports-filled time awaits.

The charming and traditional charm of the towns of Pettneu, Schnann, Flirsch and Strengen invite you to re-energise, relax and unwind.

Getting involved in the vibrant, international flair of the Arlberg region, whose main town is St. Anton am Arlberg, will certainly be a superb experience – ‘just do it and be happy’!

St. Anton – The birthplace of Alpine skiing

International meeting point for the ski society and for many winter sports fans. This is what makes the Arlberg Arena a global village.

Local tradition mixed with international flair to create an incomparable atmosphere and an appealing charm. The pedestrian zone in St. Anton am Arlberg is the ‘strolling promenade’ in the Arlberg area.

St. Christoph – at 1800 metres altitude – one of the highest lying Alpine ski towns

Small, lovely, original – with a few exclusive hotels and cosy guesthouses.

St. Christoph am Arlberg is also known for its mountain hostel dating from the 14th century and built by herdsman, Heinrich Findelkind von Kempten. This shelter provided lost and weary travellers crossing the top of the pass with a roof over their heads, warmth and water. Heinrich needed money to run the hostel so set up donation books, canvassing for new members throughout the summer across Europe and collected contributions. Those who donated and benefactors became members and their details entered into the book, including their coat of arms, name and donation amount." In 2011 the fellowship of St. Christof celebrated their anniversary - ‘625 years of the fellowship of St. Christoph’.